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Compact floorstanding

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Visaton Topas - price per pair.
The Topas is a part transmission line design which develops significant bass response for the cab..
Ex Tax: £778.34
Visaton Solo 100 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.
Makes 1 pair of speakersSOLO 100 Art. No. 5984 Characteristics and sound properties ..
Ex Tax: £458.94
Visaton Vib 2000 GF - price per pair.
The VIB 2000 GF is the logical development of one of the most popular column cabinets in the fiel..
Ex Tax: £408.93
Visaton Alto 2 - price per pair.
This 2-way column speaker, ALTO II, designed as a 30 litre vented system, is another suggested ap..
Ex Tax: £153.25
Visaton Alto line price per pair.
The ALTO LINE is a slim, 2-band column speaker with two 13 cm mid-bass units and one dome tweeter..
Ex Tax: £221.81
Visaton Vib 130 TL - price per pair
A compact transmission line design incorporating two high quality drive units: an AL 130 5 inch, ..
Ex Tax: £335.53
Visaton Alto III C - price per pair.
ALTO 111 C Art. No. 5972 (1 pair of speakers, assembly required)Characteristics and sound propert..
Ex Tax: £323.43
Visaton Starlet - price per pair.
The Starlet uses very good quality drive units to achieve a well balanced and realistic sound fro..
Ex Tax: £297.63
Visaton Classic 200 - price per pair.
This is a very refined speaker with a seamles music presentation with excellent imaging. The bass..
Ex Tax: £940.46
Visaton Solo 50 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.
Makes 1 pair of speakersSOLO 50 Art. No. 5986 Characteristics and sound properties ..
Ex Tax: £465.39
Visaton Fontana - price per pair.
The 2-way FONTANA system is a 360° omnidirectional speaker with a highly attractive appearanc..
Ex Tax: £534.76
Visaton CLOU - price per pair. - Price Per Pair
An excellent sounding new slimline floor standing speaker from Visaton.The CLOU is a slim-line 2-..
Ex Tax: £205.68
Visaton VIB 170 AL
a slim-line 2-band column speaker The VIB 170 AL is a slim-line 2-band column speaker using a..
Ex Tax: £402.48
Visaton FIESTA 25 - price per pair.
The striking feature of the FIESTA 25 is the mid-range horn. The strength of horn speakers is..
Ex Tax: £688.81
Visaton Classic 200 GF - price per pair.
Visaton´s CLASSIC 200 GF offers an interesting way to enter the world of high-end music ple..
Ex Tax: £754.14
Visaton Conga - price per pair.
With its CONGA Visaton has produced a "big brother" to accompany the classic 3-band com..
Ex Tax: £1,022.73
Visaton VIB 170 BP - Price Per Pair
When developing the VIB 170 BP, the main objective was to create a fairly compact column speaker ..
Ex Tax: £843.68
Visaton Petit Orgue - Price Per Pair
  The toughest challenge for a high-end loudspeaker is to reproduce the lowest frequenci..
Ex Tax: £373.44