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Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro Ti - Price Per Speaker

Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro Ti - Price Per Speaker
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Micro Ti is an all-new ‘Super’ Micro – which takes the great looks and flexibility of the original, and pairs them with an innovative high-end Titanium driver of tremendous quality.

Developed by Anthony to mimic the dynamics and transparency of the award-winning Reference 3, the Titanium driver is a state-of-the-art piece of engineering that represents a breakthrough in compact loudspeaker performance.

Naturally lightweight, extraordinarily strong and resilient, Titanium is ideal driver material – which is why it’s found in some of the highest performing audiophile speakers money can buy. This exceptional driver creates a wonderfully pure sound that’s simply the finest available from such a compact speaker.

Offering all of the original Micro’s placement options and ease of installation, filling your home with high quality sound has never been so accessible or discreet.

The Nucleus Micro Ti is available in a choice of Matt Black, Snow White or Stainless Steel finishes, and features a new acoustically transparent metal grille.

The Micro Ti must be used with a subwoofer.

 Frequency Response On Wall: 100Hz to 22Khz
 Frequency Response On Stand: 120Hz to 22Khz
Sensitivity: 89dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
Power Handling:
(Small Enclosure)
> 120 watts
Height on Stand: 36"
Drivers: 3" Pure Titanium full range
Crossover: None
Dimensions: 4" Sphere
Weight: 680g


Don’t let the low price and 4” diameter of these high-tech juggling balls fool you. The supermodel thin stands of the Gallos support a micro-dynamo of sound.
Arena Magazine

Audio quality is superb, with the new drivers seeming to add even more clarity, depth and detail. 
The design, which has become iconic, is still much the same – the sats are cute little spheres, about four inches across. 
As a discreet 5.1 system, there are no products that can touch this in terms of performance or style – and it’s a distinct improvement over the old version. You can get better sound for the money but only with bigger, uglier boxes. So why not flaunt it? 
T3 Magazine

All in all, pace, timing and rhythm have all improved and the total musicality of the Micros Ti’s is top notch. Compact speaker manufacturers beware: Gallo has raised the bar by a considerable degree.
AV Talk

The extended high treble was sweet and revealing, especially with effects such as rain and bullet ricochets, which fizzed around with spot-on clarity. Speech too came across as clear and well-defined, even rendering arch mumbler Russell Crowe intelligible for once. For music the Micro Ti also did the business, that sweet high end in particular coming to the fore with busy hi-hats and tambourines sounding more real than might be expected, and female vocals receiving just an extra nuance of space. The Micro Ti is a little wonder both in sight and sound, offering some powerful dynamics, transparency and detail for their diminutive size and reasonable price.

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