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Hicon HDMI Signal Extender

Hicon HDMI Signal Extender
Product Code: Hicon HDMI Signal Extender
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This useful device enables you to run long HDMI cables of up to 50 metres without significant loss of picture quality. It is supplied with its own power supply.

The longer HDMI-connection paths are, the higher the losses in damping
values and especially image quality. The image increasingly fills with
"drizzle" and screen interferences are the result. The HICON signal extender
enhances the signal up to a total length of 45 m. For these longer lengths
we recommend an HDMI-cable diameter of AWG 24. The total input length may be
up to 40 m - another 5 m may be connected to the output. Please note that
the max. transmission length depends on the quality of the cable as well as
the workmanship and signal transmission quality of the peripherals.


Standard: HDMI 1.3, HDCP
Formats: up to FullHD 1080p


The HICON signal extender has a clamping mechanism for the HDMI-plug
on both sides. It prevents the cable from slipping out when it is tugged.
The green LED lights up to signal a sound connection (source > display).
Max. input cable length is 50 m (plus another 5 meters on the output side).
The extender can also be operated without the power supply. In this case the
max. length is the same as for the passive version. The power supply is
incl. in the delivery.