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Visaton Vib 130 TL - price per pair

Visaton Vib 130 TL - price per pair
Visaton Vib 130 TL - price per pair Visaton Vib 130 TL - price per pair Visaton Vib 130 TL - price per pair
Product Code: Visaton Vib 130 TL - price per pair. - Special price as per HiFi
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A compact transmission line design incorporating two high quality drive units: an AL 130 5 inch, aluminium mid/bass cone and a G 20 SC tweeter.The design achieves excellent bass extension from a small cabinet.

This is a straightforward two way transmission line design, incorporating high quality drive units and fully assembled crossover. Sound quality is very clear top end with excellent imaging. The bass is surprisingly deep for such a small enclosure, with the transmission line design getting superb results from the 5 inch AL 130 driver.

Construction Simply glue the boards together (butt-jointed) as shown in the parts list. The base alone remains removable. The crossover is attached to the base later. The damping material can be inserted through the opening in the base of the cabinet. Before gluing the boards together, cut the two 35 mm openings in the front separating wall, which will accommodate the bass reflex tubes later by passing them through the speaker driver cut-outs.

In order to pass through the cable from the crossover to the ST 77 terminal unit, it makes sense to drill an 8 mm hole in the rear separating wall directly in line with the cut-out for the terminal unit.

Inner damping

Two mats of damping material are required. Cut these in half lengthways first. Cut one of these into eight equally sized pieces. Four of these are placed through the loudspeaker opening and four through the BR 6.8 bass reflex tube to make internal absorbers. This is best done with a rod. Place two of the remaining large pieces through the opening in the base into the front part of the TML and one piece into the central part, as shown in the illustration. The rear part does not need damping.

Component parts list for 1 box

The kit includes all necessary components (see list below). Cabinet parts are not included.

Tweeter: G 20 SC 8 Ohm 1 piece
Woofer: AL 130 8 Ohm 1 piece
Crossover: "VIB 130 TL"
Bass reflex tube: BR 6.8 2 pieces
Terminal: ST 77 1 piece
Damping material: 1 bag
Wood screws: 3,5 x 19 mm 4 pieces
Countersunk screws: 3,5 x 25 mm 8 pieces
Cable: 2 x 1,5 mm2 3 m

Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Parts Size (mm) Quantity
Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF
Front panel 1150 x 175 1
Side panel 1150 x 296 2
Top panel 137 x 296 1
Upper rear panel 38 x 137 1
Lower rear panel 1018 x 137 1
Front TL panel 780 x 137 1
Rear TL panel 1000 x 137 1
Partition 174 x 137 2
Upper bottom panel 277 x 137 1
Lower bottom panel 275 x 135 1


Rated Power 60 watts
Maximum power 90 watts
Impedance 8 ohm
Sound pressure level -
Sensitivity -
Frequency response (-10 dB) 30 - 30,000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 80 dB
Max sound pressure level -
Maximum cone displacement -
Resonance frequency -
Magnetic induction -
Magnetic flux -
Height of front pole-plate -
Voice coil diameter -
Height of winding -
Cutout diameter -
Length of cable -
Net Weight -