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Visaton Crossover Components - Full Information on the Extensive Range

Visaton Crossover Components - Full Information on the Extensive Range

An extensive range of high quality crossover components manufactured to a top specification with quality grade materials. For use in high performance audio crossover networks. 

Recently on the Impact Audio website we relaunched and expanded our full range of crossover components. For this blog post we will be going through some of the components in the Visaton range, and sharing some technical data about each one.

If you require crossover components and would like further details on the Visaton range, you can visit our website or contact us on 01270 883243 or


Air Core and Ferrite Coils

Visaton have four coil components in their range, three of which are Ferrite core. All of Visatons’ Ferrite Core Coils are manufactured with a high saturation current, minimising the possibility of sound distortion.

  • LR Ferrite Core Coils have very high-power handling and low loss due to the low internal resistance. Coils come with tinned wire ends and values range from 1.5 mH to 10 mH.

  • KN Ferrite Core Coils are an economical option of ferrite core coil with tinned wire ends. These are suitable for applications in which higher internal resistance is acceptable, such as correcting networks. Values for these coils range from 3.3 mH to 27 mH.

  • FC Ferrite Core Coils come with tinned wire ends and have a value range of 3.3 mH to 10 mH.

  • Air Core Coils have high power handling and a solid winding form. Much like the FC and LC Ferrite Coils, each coil has tinned wire ends. Values for these coils come in 19 variations of mH values, internal resistance, and diameter to choose from, ranging from 0.1 mH to 3.3 mH.



Ideally in capacitors tolerances should be as low as possible. All Visaton capacitors and resistors have a low tolerance of 5%, excluding Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitors, which have a tolerance of 10%.

  • MKP Foil Capacitors range in value from 1.0 uF to 22.0 uF and provide 250 volts DC strength. These foil capacitors are particularly suited to high-end speakers and have extremely low losses due to polypropylene dielectric.

  • MKT-A Foil Capacitors range in value from 1.0 uF to 100 uF and provide 250 volts DC strength (100 V for models 82 uF and 100 uF). These foil capacitors are suited for professional crossovers, also providing low loss and high-power handling.

  • Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitor with rough foil is ideal for the construction of crossovers. Ranging in values 15 uF to 470 uF. This capacitor provides 63 VDC and 10% tolerance.



Finally, Visatons’ range of resistors contains 10W Ceramic Resistors and the MOX Resistors, both of which are made for low inductivity and have a low 5% tolerance.

  • 10 W Ceramic Resistors are for efficiency adaptation of speakers to passive crossovers. The ceramic resistors are extremely temperature resistant with low inductivity. Values range from 1.0 Ohm to 22.0 Ohm.

  • MOX Resistors are Visatons’ metal oxide layered resistors, for adaptation of high-end speakers to passive crossovers. These resistors are extremely temperature resistant and are made for low inductivity. These resistors range in value from 1.0 Ohm to 15 Ohm.

All Visaton crossover parts are made in accordance with RoHS and REACH in relation to environmental impact.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us on 01270 883243 or email . Price breaks are available on request.


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