Visaton Crossover Components

Visaton Crossover Components 0

An extensive range of high quality crossover components manufactured to a top specification with quality grade materials. For use in high performance audio crossover networks.

  • Sophie Harris
Introducing the NIMROD - Our First Impressions

Introducing the NIMROD - Our First Impressions 0

After having a good chance to evaluate the new speaker, we are pleased to convey our first impressions of Visatons' new loudspeaker kit the NIMROD.

Available to buy today on

  • Sophie Harris
Simulation Software Boxsim

Simulation Software Boxsim 0

Boxsim is one of the most powerful software programs available for simulating HiFi loudspeakers, aimed at both amateur loadspeaker builders and complete beginners, who simply wish to to improve their skills calculating loudspeakers.

Read more about this software and download the programme, free of charge, today.

  • Joe Harris
Speaker Kit Development at Visaton

Speaker Kit Development at Visaton 0

The engineering team at Visaton are heavily involved in the design and development of new speaker drive units for industrial markets, since this area is their core business. However even a casual glance at the Visaton website will reveal a much wider involvement than just general purpose speakers.

In today's blog post we will be exploring the large range of high quality loudspeaker kits which Visaton have designed for domestic use, and taking a look at a new kit that is currently in development.

  • Joe Harris